Warder (Dr. Warder)

Bunch large, shouldered; berry large, round, greenish yellow. Flesh sweet, rich, very good. One of Theophile Huber's seedlings, as yet not widely grown. Illinois. Labrusca.

Washington (Lady Washington)

Bunch large to very large, shouldered, compact; berry medium to large, round; color light yellow, with tinge of pink in the sun and thin whitish bloom. Flesh soft, tender, juicy, vinous, subacid; quality very good. Season, that of Concord. Grown mainly South and in Colorado and Utah. New York. Hybrid.

White Jewell

Bunch medium, long, very compact; berry medium, white. Flesh juicy, sweet, sprightly, very good. Said to be the earliest white grape grown in Ohio, and to be free from rot and mildew.

Wilder (Rogers' No. 4)

Bunch medium to large, conical, shouldered; berry very large, round; color black, with blue bloom. Flesh greenish, with amber shading. Flesh juicy, vinous, pleasantly flavored; quality very good. Requires mixed planting. Massachusetts. Hybrid.


Bunch medium, loose, shouldered; berry full, medium in size, round; color pale green, nearly white when mature. Flesh juicy, sweet, tender, and with little trace of central pulp, very good. A fine home and dessert variety, doing well East, South, and West. Grown for wine in the South. Missouri. A cross of Riparia and Labrusca.

Willie Bell

Bunch medium, fairly compact, shouldered; berry medium, round, pale yellowish green in color. Flesh firm, meaty, nearly sweet, pure flavor, very good to best. A cross of Elvira and Delaware that is giving a fine record where tested in the South and as 1 far north as Ohio. Texas. Hybrid. •

Winchell (Green Mountain)

Bunch medium, long, quite compact, shouldered; berry small, round; color greenish white, with slight bloom. Flesh juicy, sweet, rich; quality very good. A Vermont variety that has met with favor in several States, including Iowa. Hybrid.


Bunch medium to large; berry large, roundish oval, greenish white, with white bloom. Flesh melting, tender, rich, sweet, and sprightly, very good. A new Ohio variety that is giving great satisfaction where tested. Hybrid.

Woodruff (Woodruff Red)

Bunch large to very large, shouldered, roundish; berry round, red, with some bloom. Flesh whitish, juicy, subacid, good. This variety succeeds best in the dry air of the West and Southwest. Michigan. Hybrid.


Bunch large, long, shouldered, compact; berry round; color black, with blue bloom. Flesh greenish, pulpy, vinous, juicy, pleasantly flavored, good to very good. West of the lakes it is much richer in flavor than the Concord. Does well in nearly all the States. New York. Labrusca.

Wyoming (Wyoming Red)

Bunch rather small, compact and handsome; berry medium in size, red, but brighter than Delaware. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet, with some native aroma. Season, earlier than Delaware. Commercial in Maryland and the Southeast. Labrusca.