Chapter XXII of Part I, gives an outline of the history and development of the grapes of the United States, with their propagation, management, classes for varied uses, cultivation, pruning, and training.

At this time an attempt has been made to include and describe the varieties in actual cultivation in different portions of the Union. But it is more than probable that many local varieties of equal value with some of those included will become quite general favorites in the near future. This is specially true of some of the varieties originated by Mr. T. V. Munson, of Texas, and other workers along this line in the different States.

In the descriptions which follow the parentage will be noted as far as possible, and the varieties will be divided into only two general classes. (1) The varieties truly American, originated by selection or seedling production from our native species, including the natural and artificial hybrids of our indigenous species with the foreign species (Vitis vinifera). (2) The vinifera varieties, grown profitably in Southwest Texas, parts of Arizona, and on the west coast.

As far as possible the part of the United States in which the varieties are grown will be indicated, and in some cases the origin will be given.