Best Of All

Medium to large, round; color rich red. Flesh firm, meaty, and best in quality. Said by F. V. Munson, the originator, to be a seedling of Miner crossed with pollen of Abundance. Texas.

Black Hawk

Very large for the class, oval; color deep red in the sun, and paler on shaded side; suture distinct, and on the suture side the surface is slightly more convex, giving an irregular appearance in form. Flesh yellow, tender, excellent in quality; freestone. Americana. Iowa.


Large, roundish oval; color dark red, with mottling of varied shades; bloom grayish and quite heavy, with numerous small dots; stem short, inserted in shallow cavity. Flesh firm, meaty, good; cling. One of the largest of the Americana varieties. Nebraska. Brunswick. - Medium, roundish oval; color dark red on yellowish ground, which is exposed at pointed apex. Flesh yellow, meaty, sweet. A month later than Wildgoose. Angustifolia.


Large, roundish oblong, often oblique and with unequal sides; color dull mottled red on greenish yellow ground; bloom blue; stem slender, usually curved, and inserted in small shallow cavity. Flesh yellow, quite firm; quality very good. Season, middle of August; clingstone. Quite subject on drift soil of the West to plum pocket, but valuable in many sections. Americana. Wisconsin.


Medium, roundish, irregular; color bright red, with numerous dots and bluish bloom; stem short, in broad medium deep cavity. Flesh yellow; quality good; used as a pollen-bearer for other Chicasa varieties. Angustifolia.


Large,pyriform; color red; bloom Cheney. conspicuous. Flesh yellow, quite meaty, with pineapple flavor. Season, a week earlier than Wildgoose. A Texas variety not much tested as yet farther north. Hortulana.


Very large, roundish, truncated, enlarged somewhat toward the apex; color dark red, with considerable bloom; skin thick. Flesh quite acid; quality fair. Season, September. Americana. Iowa.


A hybrid, originated under cultivation by H. Knudson, of Minnesota, from seed of Sand Cherry (Prunus Besseyi) pollinated with Miner plum. Fruit about one inch in diameter, nearly round, bright cherry red in color, and good in quality for culinary use. When loaded with its highly colored fruit the small trees are ornamental. Hardy far north.

The American Plum Varieties And Plum Hybrids B C 238


Large, roundish oblong; color mottled red and yellow, with thin rosy bloom; stem one inch long, inserted at one side of the perpendicular. Flesh firm for a native, rich; quality best. Season, first half of September. Americana. Minnesota.


Large, oval, flattened laterally; cavity deep; color purplish red; dots gray and small; bloom lilac-colored. Flesh yellow, firm; quality very good. Season, first half of August. Valuable south of forty-second parallel. Hortulana. Iowa.

Plum: Cottrell

Cottrell. De Soto.