Medium to large, oval, often conical, and flattened laterally; color yellow, with pink blush on sunny side. Flesh yellow, firm; skin thin, not astringent; stone small; quality best, with a sugary flavor, reminding one of the German Mirabelle; pit free. From seed of the De Soto, planted by N. K. Fluke, of Davenport, Iowa. Americana.

De Soto

Large, oval, slightly compressed; color orange, overlaid with crimson; dots numerous, with thin blue bloom; stalk short, slightly curved, in shallow cavity. Flesh quite firm, juicy, high-flavored; one of the best natives in quality; cling. Widely cultivated, but fails in sections subject to protracted drought. Americana. Wisconsin.

Downing (Charles Downing)

Large, roundish oval; color bright red; dots numerous, small; bloom thin; stalk medium, slender, in regular cavity; suture a mere line. Flesh yellow; quality good to very good; clingstone. Season, a week later than Wildgoose. Hortulana. Iowa.


Fruit large, roundish; color greenish yellow, marbled with red shades. Flesh yellowish, with yellow veinings, tender, juicy, mild subacid; quality very good. A cross of Burbank with Brittle-wood by Theo. Williams of Nebraska. Hardier than Burbank.


Large, conical, flattened at top; color solid wine-red, with very small white dots; bloom heavy, light blue; stalk short, in wide shallow cavity; suture not present. Flesh yellowish, firm, with reddish shade near the pit; quality nearly best. Season, very early. Grown South. A hybrid from pit of Kelsey pollinated by Wildgoose.