Large, oval, irregular; color variable from yellowish to deep red, with marbling and large gray dots; bloom lilac-colored. Flesh yellow firm, subacid; quality good. A De Soto seedling, proving valuable where introduced. Americana.

Forest Garden

Fruit large, nearly round, tending to oblong; suture quite distinct; color deep red when fully ripe, with numerous yellowish specks; bloom thin; stem long for a native, and slender. Flesh quite firm, subacid; quality good. Season quite late; pit almost free. Americana. Iowa.

Forest Rose

Large, round, often oblique; color dark red, through which the yellow ground shows in dots; stem long, slender. Flesh firm, sweet, and best in quality. When cooked it shows no astrin-gency. A very hardy variety of the species. Hortulana. Missouri.


Large, roundish oblong, somewhat flattened at ends; suture quite distinct; color yellow, clouded with red; bloom thin, lilac-colored. Flesh yellow, melting, subacid, quite sweet; stone nearly free; quality good. Americana. Iowa.

Golden Beauty

Size of Wildgoose, roundish; color golden yellow, with white dots and white bloom; suture distinct. Flesh firm, meaty, bright yellow; stone small, rounded. A Texas variety, now grown east of lakes and South. Hortulana.