Lone Star

Medium, oval, pointed; color red, with numerous white dots and white bloom; stem slender, in broad shallow cavity. Flesh yellow, juicy, rich, and sweet; quality good; clingstone. Profitable South. Angustifolia.

The American Plum Varieties And Plum Hybrids L M 241


Large, roundish oval, color deep red, with blue bloom and many small dots; stem short in shallow cavity; suture a mere line. Flesh firm; quality good; semi-cling. Originated in Missouri, but is hardy North. Americana.


Large, roundish oblong; color red, beautifully mottled; flesh yellow, firm, sweet, very good; unlike most of the natives it shows no astringency when canned; found native on the Maquoketa River in Iowa. Hortulana.


Size medium, round, oblong; color red, with numerous yellow specks and bloom. Flesh soft, juicy, sweet, but flavor not very agreeable. As grown from cuttings it is largely used for stocks. Probably a hybrid. Texas.


Medium to quite large, roundish oval, or oblong; color dark red with numerous dots. Flesh melting, but quite firm; quality fair. A seedling of Wildgoose that ripens its fruit ten days earlier than its parent. Tree not hardier than the parent. Hortulana. Iowa.


Size medium to large, roundish oblong; color dull purplish red, with many small yellow and gray dots. Flesh amber-colored, soft, juicy, rather rich, but with some astringency when cooked; poor bearer when not intermingled with other varieties. Starred in many States. Origin uncertain. Hortulana.