Piper (Piper's Peach)

Large, round, red, with thin bluish bloom. Flesh orange yellow, quite firm; quality good. A Minnesota variety, hardy far North. Americana.

Poole (Poole's Pride, Kroh)

Small to medium, oval; color pink and light red; dots small, scattering, with thin lilac bloom; stem medium, slender, in small shallow cavity; suture not distinct. Flesh soft, juicy; quality good; clingstone. Tree hardier than Miner. Hortulana.


Small to medium, roundish oval; color bright red, with light-colored dots and thin bloom; stalk long, slender, inserted nearly on the surface; suture a mere line. Flesh yellow, sweet, juicy, but not high-flavored; quality good. Not hardy north of forty-second parallel except in favored spots. Angustifolia. Tennessee.

Plum: Pottawattamie

Pottawattamie. Quaker.


Large to very large, roundish oval; color purplish red, with yellow dots and blue bloom; stalk long, inserted in shallow cavity; suture a mere line. Flesh yellow, firm, sweet; quality good to very good. Americana.


Size medium to small, oval, slightly oblong; color dark red, with numerous small dots and quite thick lilac bloom; stem one and one-eighth to one and one-fourth inches long, in small cavity. Flesh meaty firm, not very juicy; quality very good. Shows some traces of a cross with the Domestica species. Iowa.


Medium to large, round, flattened at ends; color mottled red and pinkish purple; dots small; bloom blue; suture obscure; stem long in shallow cavity. Flesh yellow, firm, sweet, very good. Americana. Minnesota. •

Rue (J. B. Rue). - A variety of Americana originating in north Iowa, almost identical in size and shape with Stoddard, but the pit of the Stoddard is large and flat, while that of J. B. Rue is smaller and rounded. Both varieties are clings, but the J. B. Rue is much superior in quality of flesh. Americana.