Large; roundish oval, regular; color light red on yellow ground, with blue bloom; skin quite thin, with slight astrin-gency; quality very good; pit nearly free. A Minnesota variety becoming quite popular. Americana.

Sand Cherry (Prunus Besseyi)

This is known as Sand Cherry, but it is far more nearly allied to the plum. As yet we have no selected seedlings or hybrids of much value as fruits, but its seedlings have proven valuable as stocks for about all varieties, native and foreign. The union seems perfect. The trees are dwarfed, come into bearing earlier, and are more regular in bearing than those on ordinary commercial stocks. The hardiness of tree of the Japan and other tender varieties seems also to be increased when on this iron-clad stock that lessens growth. Native from Kansas to Manitoba, west to Utah and Colorado.

Plum: Rockford

Rockford. Rollingstone.


Very large for the class, roundish oblong, somewhat pointed; cavity wide and shallow; color yellowish red, with bluish white bloom; dots very minute and numerous. Flesh yellow; quality good; pit large, with sharp margin. Season, middle of August in Iowa. Minnesota.


Large, roundish, oblique; color light red, with darker shades of red, large dots, and thin lilac bloom; stem stout, inserted in shallow cavity; suture a line. Flesh yellow, firm, quality good. A seedling of De Soto. Iowa.


Large, round, often oblique, with unequal sides; color a yellow ground covered with shades of red, many white dots, and bluish bloom; stalk short and stout, inserted on the surface; suture obscure. Flesh yellow, quality good. Americana. Iowa.

The American Plum Varieties And Plum Hybrids S T 246


Large, roundish oval; color dark red, with many small yellowish dots; stem medium in small cavity; suture distinct. Flesh pale yellow, firm; quality very good. Perhaps this will prove the hardiest and best of the Miner-like native plums. Hortulana. Minnesota.

Texas Belle

Medium to large, nearly round; color red; quality fair to good. A variety originating in Texas, but now grown quite extensively South. Hortulana. Van Buren. - Medium in size, round; suture indistinct; color waxy yellow, overspread in part with light red and deep Surprise. red cheek. Flesh sweet and rich in flavor.

Season, last of September. Valuable in the arid States. Tree has dwarf habit of growing, with low spreading top. Americana, of Mollis type.