Medium to large, roundish oval; color dark reddish purple. Flesh firm, meaty, yellow, and nearly free from the pit; quality good to very good. Produced by J. W. Kerr from pit of Chabot fertilized by Wayland pollen. Not yet tested north of Maryland. Maryland.

Plum: Waugh



Large, roundish oblong; color shining pink, and red with white dots and thin white bloom. Flesh yellow, firm, meaty, good. A Southern variety, ripening late in southern Iowa. Hortulana. Weaver. - Large, oblong, flattened at ends; color dark mottled red, with purplish bloom; suture well defined. Flesh firm, meaty, waugh and very good; pit free. Tree is subject to plum pocket in some localities, but very valuable in others. Americana. Iowa.


Large, red, with numerous light dots. Flesh and quality similar to Wildgoose, of which it is a seedling. About one week later than its parent, and is larger, handsomer, and the tree is hardier and more fruitful on north limit of its growth. Hortulana.


Medium to large, roundish oblong; color light red, with shining expression that takes well in market. Flesh yellow, pulpy, sweet, but not high in flavor; much grown South for northern marketing. Hortulana.


Large, round; color yellow, blotched with red, and well covered with purplish bloom; stem medium stout, set in small cavity; no suture visible.

Flesh firm; quality good; pit free. A leading variety in the prairie States. Americana.

Plum: Wolf

Wolf. Wyant.


Large, oblong, flattened at apex, usually oblique; color purple red on yellow ground; stem short in quite large and deep cavity. Flesh firm, quality very good; stone nearly free. Probably the most popular of the Americana species. Originated at Janes-ville, Iowa.

Yellow Sweet

Large, round; color yellow, shaded with red; bloom thin; suture quite distinct. Flesh firm, juicy, rich; clingstone. Season, last of August. Small stocky tree of Colorado type. Americana.

Yellow Transparent

Medium to quite large, oblong; color bright yellow. Flesh quite soft and watery, but with sweet pleasant flavor pit not free. Chicasa. Originated in north Texas.