Very large, pyriform; neck short; color greenish yellow, with white spots. Flesh amber-colored, streaked with rose-color. Season, very early in warm climates.

Green Ischia

Small, greenish yellow. Flesh deep red, juicy, rich, very good. A productive variety. Grown in the South quite generally.


Small to medium, round; color greenish yellow; stalk long, often longer than the fruit. Flesh amber-white; quality best. Grown South and in Arizona and California.


Size medium; color yellowish white; quality very good for any use. Grown on the border-land of fig culture in Central Texas and the South, and if frozen down it bears on young shoots of one season's growth that shoot up from the crown.

Mission (California Black)

Large, dark purple, hardy, very productive. Much used for drying. Aside from the dark color the dried product is regarded by experts equal in quality to the imported Smyrna. Grown in the South and on the west coast.

Monaco Bianco

Above medium size, round, flattened, slightly necked, with obscure ribs; color green, and yellowish green when fully ripe, with thin bloom. Flesh dark red, juicy, brisk, but not specially rich. Is richest in dry climates such as Arizona.

Royal - Medium, with thin skin; color reddish brown or purple. Flesh very juicy, melting, high-flavored. A favorite in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.

San Pedro

Very large, roundish, or flattened; color greenish or bright yellow. Flesh very tender, amber-colored, often tinted with red. Excellent for dessert use and canning. Casts its fruit in moist climates.


As grown in Texas and Arizona this is a large pale purple variety that is very prolific and fine in quality. As this bears without caprification it is probably not the true Smyrna now on trial in California (205).

Brown Turkey

Large, pear-shaped, with thick stem; color reddish brown or purple, with blue bloom. Flesh red, and very luscious. Tree hardy. Grown South, and is a special favorite in Texas and Arizona.

White Bourjassotte

Somewhat larger than the black variety, round, slightly flattened, with longitudinal ribs on the sides; color waxy green, with yellow shade at maturity, covered with thin gray bloom; stalk very short. Flesh blood red; quality very good. Grown in the Gulf States and on the west coast.

White Genoa

Medium or above, pyriform, with small neck and short stalk; color olive green. Flesh pale rose-colored; quality very good. Does well in a dry climate like Arizona.

White Marseilles

Size above medium; roundish, with a short neck, and ridges running from stalk to apex; color green, and pale green when ripe. Flesh opal-colored, very rich, juicy, and sugary; much used for drying. Grown South and West to Texas, Arizona, and California.