Class VI

Pointlings or Tapering Apples (Spitzaepfel).

1. Core is regular.

2. The bloom is always absent.

3. They are never striped, and are either one-colored or washed with red on sunny side.

4. They taper constantly toward the eye.

5. The flavor is sweet or vinous, approaching a pure acid.

6. They do not shrivel readily.

Order 1. Oblong, cylindrical, or conical Pointlings. Characters the same as Order 3 of the Stripelings.

Order 2. Sharp Pointlings (tapering to a point). Characters the same as Order 2 of the Stripelings.

Class VII

Flat Apples.

1. They are always broader than high.

2. They are never striped.

3. They are either one-colored, or more or less washed with red on sunny side, or somewhat shaded.

4. The core is regular.

5. They are never unctuous when handled.

6. They do not readily shrivel.

7. The flavor ranges from pure sweet to pure acid.

Order 1. Purely flat Apples.

1. The difference between height and breadth is obvious to the eye.

2. Breadth always one-half inch more than height.

Order 2. Globular flat Apples.

1. The difference between breadth and height is not easily detected by the eye.

2. The breadth seldom exceeds the height by more than a quarter of an inch.

3. The fruit cut transversely through the middle presents halves which are almost or quite equal.