Large, roundish ovoid, with unequal sides; color bright red over yellow ground; dots numerous; stem short and strong; suture distinct but shallow. Flesh firm, meaty, pleasant-flavored, but not high in quality. Season early. One of the most widely popular of the Japanese plums. Triflora.



Large, oval, necked, color dark blue with numerous russet dots, and heavy light-blue bloom; stem medium, stout, in medium-sized cavity; suture extends past the apex. Flesh yellow, meaty, juicy, subacid, very good. Popular east of the lakes. Domestica.

Arctic (Moore's Arctic)

Small to medium, roundish oval; color black with thin blue bloom; suture not distinct; stem slender, about three quarters of an inch long, in slight cavity; suture not distinct. Flesh yellowish amber color, tender, subacid; quality very good. Said to be very hardy, but in prairie States it is not hardier than Lombard. Domestica.

Plum: Arctic