Bavay (Bavay Green Gage, Reine Claude, Saint Clair)

Large, roundish, somewhat compressed; color greenish yellow with stripes and splashes of green, overspread with thin bloom; stalk short, stout, and set in small cavity; suture distinct. Flesh yellow, melting sugary; quality best; freestone. Season, September. Starred in many States where west European varieties thrive. Domestica. Belgium.

Plum: Bavay


Berkmans (Sweet Botan, White-Fleshed Botan)

Medium to large, roundish oblong, slightly angular; color bright red in sun, splashed with yellow on shaded side, with many golden dots. Flesh yellowish, juicy, very sweet; quality very good at proper stage, but mealy and dry when very ripe. Triflora. Japan.

Berger (Strawberry)

Small to very small, much flattened; color bright red with bloom; suture distinct. Flesh yellow, firm, meaty, freestone; pit very small. A distinct variety bearing fruit well down on the old wood. Where this class thrives it is valuable for home use, as it follows the cherries. Triflora. Japan.

Bleeker (Bleeker's Gage)

Medium, roundish oval, regular; color rich yellow with thin whitish bloom and numerous white dots, stem over one inch long, quite stout, inserted in very slight depression; suture obscure. Flesh yellow, rich, sweet; very good; cling. An old variety, yet popular as a home fruit. Domestica. New York.

Plum: Bleeker


Blue Imperatrice

Large, irregular, heart-shaped; color dark blue with yellowish dots; stalk one to one and one-quarter inches long, slender, and inserted in shallow cavity; suture distinct but shallow. Flesh yellow, firm, juicy; quality nearly best; cling. Domestica.

Blue Moldavka

Large, oblong ovate; slightly irregular; color maroon scarlet with gray and blue bloom; suture distinct, terminating at apex; stalk half an inch long, rather stout, inserted in deep narrow cavity. Flesh greenish white, quite firm, juicy, subacid. Best for culinary use, but only fair for dessert; nearly freestone. Domestica. Russia.

Bradshaw - Very large, obovate, and sometimes necked; color reddish purple, with light-blue bloom; stalk stout, curved, set in small cavity. Flesh yellowish, changing to brownish purple when fully ripe; rather coarse, juicy, subacid, pleasant; quality good to very good; pit nearly free. Domestica.

Plum: Blue Imperatrice

Blue Imperatrice.

Plum: Blue Moldavka

Blue Moldavka.

Bryanstone (Bryanstone Gage)

Size medium, oval, often roundish; color greenish yellow, with darker shade in the sun; bloom light; stem medium, stout, in shallow cavity. Flesh yellow, juicy, richly flavored; quality very good; of the Green Gage type. Grown mostly South. Domestica.

Plum: Bradshaw



Large to very large, roundish conical; color dark metallic red, with yellow ground; dots small, numerous; suture shallow and often absent; stalk medium, quite stout, in a well-defined cavity, Flesh yellow, close-textured, rich, sugary, very good.

In Iowa this has proven the hardiest in tree of the Japan varieties tested. Its fault is overbearing where thinning is neglected. Triflora.