Chabot (Yellow Japan)

Large, heart-shaped, or oblong conical; color at West yellow overspread on sunny side with cherry-red, with blue bloom; stalk short, stout, in abrupt, quite large cavity; suture not distinct usually. Flesh yellow, juicy, rich, and sweet; quality good to very good. Season, last of September. Triflora. Columbia. - Large, nearly round, sides usually unequal; color of skin purple with numerous light brown dots that show through the blue bloom; stalk about one inch long, stout, inserted in small narrow cavity. Flesh light yellow, rich, sugary, very good; stone nearly free. Domestica. New York.

The Foreign Varieties Of The Plum And Their Hybrid 256


Large, long oval, flattened at both ends; color reddish purple; bloom blue with large gray dots; suture distinct, nearly on the surface; stalk three eighths of an inch long, stout, in broad deep cavity; apex slightly depressed. Flesh firm, meaty, juicy, mild subacid; quality good to very good; pit free. Introduced by the German colony in Clayton County, Iowa, from Denmark. Domestica.


Medium to large, roundish-ovate; color dark purple with bluish bloom; stem short in narrow cavity; suture a mere line. Flesh yellowish, firm, sweet, good. Grown in Western New York and Ontario. Domestica.

Climax (Royal)

Very large, heart-shaped; color dark red with varied-sized yellow dots; stem short, stout, inserted in deep and abrupt cavity; suture distinct, but not deep; apex rounded. Flesh yellow, firm, sweet, rich, very good; stone free. A hybrid of Botan pollinated with Simoni by Burbank of California. Grown east of the lakes.


Medium to large, roundish; color dark purple with heavy blue bloom; suture distinct; apex somewhat flattened; quality good; stone free. Season, early. A California variety grown in Texas and the South. Domestica.