Early Red

Large, oval, smooth, and regular; color dark red, with white dots that show through the lilac-colored bloom; stalk medium, stout, in regular shallow cavity; suture distinct, in slight valley. Flesh firm, meaty; quality very good; cling. Season, early August. Tree very hardy. Domestica. Russia.

Early Rivers

Size medium, roundish oval; color deep purple, covered with thin bloom; stem one half inch long in small cavity.

Flesh yellowish, juicy, sweet, with pleasant subacid flavor; pit free. Grown in western New York. England.


Large oval; color dark purple; quality good. Season in Ohio, early September. Not generally grown, but commercially in localities. Domestica.


Medium in size to small, roundish oval; color yellow with traces of green: suture obscure half way round. Flesh firm, close-grained, yellow; flavor rich, quality very good. Matures last of July. About as hardy as Lombard. Domestica.

Englebert (Prince Englebert)

Medium, regular, oval; color dark blue with many light-colored dots and blue bloom: stalk medium, slender, inserted in rounded shallow cavity; suture obscure. Flesh yellow, quality good. Season quite early. Fruit in clusters; freestone. Grown east of lakes and in the South. Domestica.

Plum: Englebert