Large, oval; color purple with blue bloom; stem one inch long in small narrow cavity. Flesh greenish yellow, quality very good: clingstone. Season, earlier than Bradshaw, of which it is a seedling.

German Prune

Medium,long oval; sides very unequal, and elongated at the top; suture very distinct; color purple with heavy blue bloom, stalk three-quarters of an inch long, curved, slender, inserted at top of fruit without cavity. Flesh firm, greenish yellow, sweet, and pleasant when fully ripe; pit free. As with the Damson this variety has varied when locally grown from pits in Europe and America. Domestica.

Giant. (Giant Prune). - Very large, dark crimson on yellow ground. Flesh yellow, flavor good. This very large prune has not met expectations as a drying fruit, but it is considerably grown for market on the west coast and in the South. Domestica.

Glass (Glass Seedling)

Large, oval, slightly irregular at apex; suture distinct in shallow depression that extends beyond the apex; color dark purple with thin blue bloom; stalk three-quarters to one inch long, stout, in narrow deep cavity. Flesh greenish yellow, juicy, sweet, very good; pit free. Tree very hardy, upright, with peculiar glossy dark green leaves. Domestica. Originated in Canada.

Golden Drop (Coe's Golden Drop, Silver Prune)

Large to very large, oval, with short neck and unequal sides; color golden yellow with numerous yellow dots; bloom also yellow; stalk quite long, stout, in shallow abrupt cavity; suture a valley extending beyond the apex. Flesh meaty, quality very good; cling. Popular where the tree proves hardy nearly across the continent. Domestica.

Plum: Golden Drop

Golden Drop.

Golden Prune

Large, long oval; color creamy yellow with numerous dots; bloom grayish and thin; stalk short and stout inserted in small abrupt cavity; suture shallow. Flesh yellow, firm; quality fair to good. Only grown on the west coast, commercially. Domestica. Oregon.


Medium to large, roundish to oval; color red or purplish with blue bloom and yellowish dots; stem short, stout, with show of pubescence, inserted in medium regular cavity; suture shallow. Flesh greenish yellow, quality fair; pit free. Grown largely for kitchen and market. Domestica.

Plum: Grand Duke

Grand Duke

Grand Duke

Large to very large, oval or obovate; color dark blue with dark-blue bloom; stalk one inch long in narrow shallow cavity; suture quite deep. Flesh yellow, firm, quality good to very good; cling.

Season, late. Seems to be quite free from rot east of the lakes. Domestica.

Green Gage

Small, obovate; color green or yellowish green when mature; at the West usually marbled with red; suture not very distinct; stalk one-half to three-quarters of an inch long, slender, in very shallow cavity. Flesh pale green, melting, juicy, luscious, best in quality; pit free. In the prairie States this succeeds most perfectly top-worked on a hardy stock. Domestica.

Plum: Green Gage

Green Gage.

Gueii (Blue Magnum Bonum, Big Blue)

Large, roundish oval, narrowed at apex to small point; color purple with thick blue bloom; stalk rather long, slender, inserted in large deep cavity; suture obscure. Flesh pale yellow, rather coarse, juicy, sweet, but not rich. Used mainly for kitchen and market; nearly freestone. Domestica. New York.