Hale (Prolific)

Medium to large, round, with unequal sides; color yellow, thinly covered with mottled red; yellow dots numerous; bloom thin; stalk slender; suture distinct. Flesh yellow, juicy, with rich peach-like flavor; cling. Season, early. Triflora.

Hand (General Hand)

Large, round to roundish oval; color golden yellow, with marbling of greenish yellow; dots small; bloom light-colored; stalk medium in length, rather slender, in broad shallow cavity; suture shallow. Flesh yellow, not firm; quality very good to best. Does best in the arid States. Domestica. Pennsylvania.

Hudson (Hudson River Purple Egg)

Large long-oval; color red or purplish red, with bluish bloom and numerous small dots; stem long in quite deep abrupt cavity; suture shallow. Flesh greenish yellow, firm, good; cling. Domestica. New York.

Huling (Superb)

Very large, roundish oval; color greenish yellow with thin pale bloom; stalk strong in small round cavity. Flesh Hand. greenish yellow, quite coarse, with sprightly and pleasant flavor, good; cling. Domestica. Pennsylvania.

Hungarian Prune

Fruit medium to large, elongated, pointed at each end; color dark blue with light-blue bloom; suture in depression terminated by rounded point at apex; stem three-quarters of an inch long, stout, inserted at upper end of the suture without cavity. Flesh firm, close-textured, juicy, acid; best for culinary use; free stone. Season of perfect maturity, middle of September. This is distinct from Pond's Seedling, often grown under this name. Russia.