Ickworth (Ickworth Imperatrice)

Medium to large, obovate; color purple-traced with peculiar streaks and shades of yellow; stem quite long, thick. Flesh greenish yellow, rich, quality very good. If laid away wrapped in tissue paper it is an unusual keeper. Domestica. England.

Imperial Gage

Medium to large, oval; color pale green with tinge of yellow when fully ripe, showing the green in stripes; stalk one inch long, stout, in very shallow cavity that flattens the top; bloom white. Flesh greenish, melting, rich, best in quality; pit nearly free. Domestica. New York.

Plum: Imperial Gage

Italian Prune (Fellenberg)

Size medium, oval, tapering to pointed ends; color dark purple with deep-blue bloom; stalk one inch long, in very small cavity. Flesh greenish yellow, juicy, sweet, good. Domestica.

Plum: Italian Prune

Italian Prune.


Large, oval, sides slightly uneven at top; color golden yellow with quite deep-red cheek; bloom thin and light-colored; stalk one inch long, in very small cavity. Flesh orange-colored, rich, luscious; pit free; best in quality. Commercial in several States. New York.

Plum: Jefferson



Size very large, heart-shaped, usually lop-sided; color bright purple on yellow ground, with numerous showy dots and whitish bloom; stem slender in deep narrow cavity; suture shallow. Flesh yellowish, quite firm, rich, refreshing, nearly freestone. Tree not much hardier than the Fig; but as grown in mild climates it is the fruit-vender's favorite. Triflora.


Medium to large, conical, with deep suture; color orange yellow with a cream-colored bloom. Flesh juicy, sweet, and rather rich in flavor; pit not free. Tree quite tender. Triflora.


Medium in size, oval, color blue with blue bloom and numerous small dots; suture shallow; stem medium in length, in moderately deep cavity. Flesh greenish yellow; quality fair to good. Originated in Ontario, Canada, Domestica.