Large, roundish, color purple with heavy bloom. Flesh juicy, rich, quality very good; pit free. Season, last of Sep- . tember. Grown east of the lakes. England.


Large, oblong oval; color reddish purple, with showy bloom; stem medium, inclined, and inserted at top of slight neck. Flesh light yellow, sweet, rich-flavored; freestone. A seedling of Green Gage now popular in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Domestica. Pennsylvania.


Medium to large, somewhat flattened at ends; color purplish red with whitish dots and blue bloom; stalk short, slender, inserted in broad abrupt cavity; suture shallow. Flesh yellow, juicy, and good; cling. Has been widely planted South and in eastern States. Domestica.

Plum: Lombard


Long Blue

Large, oblong, oval, slightly irregular, flattened at apex; color dark red with light-blue bloom through which the numerous small gray dots show; suture distinct; apex depressed with elevated surface beside it ; stalk short, curved, stout, in deep narrow cavity. Flesh yellow, firm, juicy, subacid; quality fair to very good -pit nearly free. Tree very hardy. Russia.