Occident (Burbank' S Sultan)

Very large, nearly round; color dull red over a greenish ground with many yellow dots and blue bloom; stem short, stout, inserted in medium deep cavity; suture distinct; shallow. Flesh dark red, firm, flavor rather acid, fairly good; pit free. A hybrid developed by Burbank of California; grown east of lakes and South.

October (October Purple)

Large, heart-shaped, somewhat oblate; color dark purple in varied shades. Flesh yellow, firm, juicy, very good; stone small, but clings to the flesh. A Burbank seedling now-grown east of the lakes and South. Trifiora.


Medium in size, roundish, not regular, flattened at ends; color lemon-yellow, dots numerous; bloom with whitish shade; stalk short, inserted in evenly rounded cavity; suture well defined. Flesh yellow, firm, meaty, not very juicy, good. Nearly as hardy as Burbank. Trifiora.

Orange (Orange Gage, Wager)

Very large, oval, flattened at each end; color yellow with purplish red at cavity, and with white projecting dots; stem short, quite rough, inserted in narrow regular cavity. Flesh yellow, juicy, good; partially freestone. Domestica. New York.

Orleans (Smith's Orleans, Red Magnum Bonum)

Large to very large, oval, but somewhat widest at stem end; color purple in the sun, with lighter cast in the shade; bloom dark blue; stalk slender, short, inserted in deep, narrow cavity. Flesh yellow, quite firm, juicy, good to very good; cling. Grown mostly east of the lakes. Domestica. England.

Plum: Orleans


Oullin (Oullin's Green Gage)

Medium in size, roundish oval; color green, changing to yellow in sunny climates; bloom white with whitish dots; stem quite long, in abrupt shallow cavity; suture obscure. Flesh yellowish, good; of Green Gage type. Germany.