Large, roundish oval; color deep purple with blue bloom and blue dots; stalk quite long in flaring shallow cavity; suture a line. Flesh with greenish shade, firm, rather coarse, sprightly; quality fair to good; semi-cling. One of the hardiest of the Domestica group. New York.

Red June (Red Nagate)

Medium to large, roundish conical; color coppery red marbled with purple red, with smooth glossy surface of skin; dots numerous, small, light-colored ; cavity large, regular, and deep, with leather-cracking of surface; suture distinct to apex and often to opposite side. Flesh pale yellowish white, veined, tender, melting, subacid; quality good; nearly freestone. Triflora.


Medium to small, oval; pointed at both ends; color reddish purple with thin blue bloom; suture not very distinct; stem three-quarters to one inch long, slender, in narrow deep cavity, greenish yellow, juicy, sugary, very good; Flesh freestone when fully ripe. Has proven hardy west of the great lakes. Domestica.

Royale Hative (Early Royal)

Medium in size, roundish, widest at the base; color light purple, dotted and streaked with brownish yellow; bloom blue; stalk half an inch long, stout, inserted without cavity. Flesh yellowish, rich; high-flavored, very good; stone free. Domestica. France.

Russian Mirabelle

Small, round, flattened at each end; color bright yellow; suture indistinct, but well defined as it passes the apex and extends in a valley on the opposite side; stalk one-half to three-quarters of an inch long, quites tout, inserted in narrow cavity. Flesh yellow, fine-grained, juicy, rich; quality best; freestone. This differs in tree and fruit from the Mirabelle from West Europe and is much hardier in tree. Russia.

Plum: Red June

Red June.

Plum: Royal Hative

Royal Hative.