Large, roundish oval; color dull red or dark purple with thin bluish bloom and many small whitish dots; stalk one inch long, in deep and narrow cavity. Flesh pale yellow, firm, sprightly, good; clingstone. New York.

Satsuma (Blood)

Large, broad conical, usually pointed at apex; color dark shining red with whitish or bluish bloom and numerous dots; stem short, stout, inserted in deep abrupt cavity; suture obscure. Flesh red, firm, quite acid; quality good; cling. Tree less hardy than its class, and it is only productive when planted with other varieties. Triflora.

St. Lawrence

Size large, roundish oval; color dark blue with blue bloom and rather obscure dots; stem short, pubescent, in deep regular basin; suture shallow. Flesh yellow, quality good. A seedling of Smith's Orleans. Domestica. New York.

Shropshire (Shropshire Damson)

Small, oval or obovate; color dark purple with blue bloom; stalk half an inch long, inserted on surface; suture not found. Flesh melting, juicy, quite acid; quality fair to good; partial freestone. Much grown in many States for culinary use mainly. England.

Simon (Prunus Simoni)

Large, flattened; color dark red with many large and small dots and faint bloom; stalk short, in deep and wide cavity; suture shallow. Flesh yellow, firm, meaty. Flesh variable in different climates; in the South it is often sweet and prized by many. Season, early. Has proven valuable when crossed with other species. China.

Smith Orleans

Large, oval, widest at base; suture deep; color reddish purple and very dark when ripe; bloom dark blue; stalk slender, in narrow deep cavity. Flesh yellow, quite firm, rich; quality good; cling. Popular in several States. Domestica.

Spanish King

Large, oval, regular; color scarlet with blue bloom; suture distinct in depressed valley, which extends beyond the apex; stalk half an inch long, stout, in deep broad abrupt cavity. Flesh greenish yellow, firm, juicy, good; pit not free. Not identical with Lombard, as often claimed, but quite similar in fruit. Domestica.


Large, oval; color green with yellow on sunny side and whitish bloom; suture distinct; stalk medium, in shallow cavity. Flesh yellow, tender, juicy, sweet; good to very good; freestone. Pennsylvania. Domestica.