Medium to large, regular, oblong, with ends flattened; cavity broad and deep; suture usually broad and deep; color purplish red with light green patches in the shade. Flesh firm; quality much like Lombard, and it ripens at the same time; but the tree is somewhat hardier than Lombard, and less subject to rot of fruit. Domestica.


Large, purple, and best in quality. A large prune originating in Washington and now grown in Texas and eastward to New Jersey and Maryland. Domestica.

Ungarish Prune

Medium to large, ovate, flattened at sides; color dark purple overlaid with dark-blue bloom; suture in broad deep valley, passing the apex and extending to an elevated point near the stem; stalk three-fourths to one inch long, very stout, inserted on a raised point. Flesh greenish yellow, firm, juicy, rich; quality best; freestone. Tree a low-spreading grower and hardy in trying climates. From Russia.

Victoria (Sharp, Sharp's Emperor)

Large to very large, oval; color pinkish red with bluish bloom and many whitish and bluish dots; stem short, pubescent, inserted in abrupt, quite deep cavity; suture shallow. Flesh yellow, rich; quality good to very good; pit free. It has been so long known as Victoria that a change to "Sharp," as now suggested, will be difficult to establish.

Voronesh Yellow

Iarge, egg-shaped, but enlarged and rounded at lower end; suture distinct; stalk three-quarters to one inch long, stout, inserted in narrow deep cavity. Mesh yellow, close-texturcd, tender, melting; very good to best; freestone. Russia.

Wangenheim. Medium, ovate; color dark blue with heavy blue bloom; stem slender, short, in shallow cavity; suture obscure or faint. Flesh yellow, firm, sweet; quality good; freestone. (Grown commercially east of the lakes and in the South. Domestica.