Very large, roundish oval; suture obscure, except near the cavity; color in the interior bright yellow,but in moister sections withpatches and marbling of green; stalk three-quarters of an inch long, set in wide shallow cavity. Flesh yellow, firm, sweet; good to very good; treestone; starred in several States; across the continent. Domestica. White Nicholas, barge, regular roundish oblong, somewhat truncated; color blue with blue bloom; stem short, stout, in- cited in deep abrupt cavity; suture broad, but shallow. Flesh juicy, rich-flavored, very good. Season; last half of August. Russia.

Plum: Washington



Large to very large, heart-shaped; color dark red with heavy bluish bloom and many yellow dots; stem very short, stout, and inserted in abrupt cavity; suture distinct. Flesh yellow, firm; quality good. Grown East and South, but usually not a satisfactory bearer. A hybrid between Simoni and Triflora.


Medium, roundish oblong, with tendency to angles of surface: color claret-red with small yellow dots and whitish bloom; stem short, stout, inserted in narrow deep cavity; suture obscure. Flesh firm, whitish, quality poor; freestone. Triflora.


Large, oblong oval, regular; color bright yellow; suture distinct; stalk one-half inch long, in shallow cavity. Flesh fine-grained, juicy, with decided peach flavor; quality nearly best. A very hardy tree and a regular bearer. Russia.