Yellow Aubert

Large, ovate; color bright yellow; stalk one inch long, inserted in fleshy ring in narrow shallow cavity. Flesh yellow, juicy, rich, quality good; clingstone. Tree very hardy and a regular bearer. Russia.

Plum: Yellow Gage

Yellow Gage. Yellow Egg.

Plum: Willard


Plum: Yellow Egg

Yellow Egg (White Magnum Bonum, White Egg)

Very large, oval, narrowing at both ends, with an approach to pyriform at the top; color yellow when ripe, with thin white bloom and numerous white dots; stem an inch long, stout, inserted at top of fruit in folded border: suture well defined. Flesh yellow, sweet when ripe; quality barely good. Use, kitchen and market. Locally, seedling varieties are grown quite similar in size and quality. Domestica.

Yellow Gage (Prince's Yellow Gage)

Medium to large, oval, broadest at upper end; color golden yellow, clouded, and covered with thick white bloom; stalk one inch long, in small round cavity. Flesh yellow, rich, melting: pit free. Domestica. Long Island.

Yellow Moldavka

Large, pear-shaped, with well-defined neck; color bright yellow; suture distinct, terminating at the rounded apex; stalk one inch long, stout, inserted at top of the neck. Flesh yellow, finegrained, juicy, subacid; quality nearly best; pit narrow and one and a quarter inches long, free from flesh. Russia.