Section 220 gives an outline of the uses and commercial status of what is known as the apple of tropical and subtropical climates as a dessert fruit, and the production of guava jelly, butter, and marmalade, together with methods of propagation. As yet practically nothing has been done in connection with improving the native species as found in the West Indies, South America, and China.

Varieties And Species Of Guava


About the size of White Winter, roundish, apple-shaped; color red; pulp darkish in color; flavor not as rich as the White variety, but is much used for guava jelly and cheese. Grown in Florida largely. A variety of the West Indian species P. guajava.

Cattley (Strawberry)

An inch to an inch and a half in diameter, roundish, claret-colored, with pitted skin; pulp soft, fleshy, reddish next the skin, and paler inside; flavor agreeable and has been likened to that of the strawberry. This belongs to the South American species, Psidium cattleianum. Grown in Florida, Arizona, and California.

White Winter

Size of a hen's egg, pear-shaped; skin thin, bright yellow, filled with soft pulp yellowish in color, having a pleasant subacid and aromatic flavor. Grown quite extensively in lower Florida. A variety of Psidium guajava.

Yellow Strawberry

Somewhat larger than the Strawberry variety, round; color yellow. Much grown in lower Florida and to a less extent in South Arizona and California.