An outline of the races and history of the standard and dwarf pears, with their propagation and management, is given in Chapter XIII of Part I, and distance apart of planting in Section 107.

As far as possible by inspection of catalogues, fruit-lists for the different States, and State and National Horticultural Reports, an attempt has been made to include only the varieties in actual cultivation in a commercial way, or to an extent attracting the attention of nurserymen or horticultural societies, yet it is probable that some are omitted which should have been included.

As a guide in understanding the terms used in describing the forms of pears, the outlines used by Downing and the Massachusetts Horticultural Society are copied.

Terms Used In Pear Descriptions After Downing

Simple Forms.

Pear: Oblate

Oblate. Oblong.

Globular. Ovate.

Pear: OblongPear: GlobularPear: Ovate

Compound Forms

Pear: Globular, obtuse pyriformPear: Globular, acute pyriform

Globular, obtuse pyriform.

Globular, acute pyriform.

Pear: Ovate, pyriform

Ovate, pyriform.

The Pear 178The Pear 179

Ovate, acute pyriform.

The Pear 180

Obovate, obtuse pyriform.

Oblong pyriform.

The Pear 181

Oblong, ovate pyriform. Oblong, obovate pyriform.