Large, roundish oval; color light yellow, with bright red cheek. Flesh yellow to the stone, which is small and pointed, sweet, with pleasant and peculiar flavor; pit free. This variety was grown from a peach-pit by Mr. T. Lewis, of Boston, and is a favorite in the peach belt across the continent, and even a leading variety in California for dessert use.


Large, roundish oval; color pale green, with violet cheek. Flesh pale green, with some red at pit, melting, rich, very good; pit free. An old English variety, grown east of the lakes, in the arid States, and on the west coast.

Early Newington

Large, roundish ovate, enlarged on one side, with swollen point at apex; color pale green, nearly covered with bright red and thin bloom. Flesh greenish white, with deep red at the pit, juicy, sugary, rich, very good; pit not free. The old English variety, grown in the peach belts across the continent.

Early Violet (Violet Hative, Aromatic)

Medium to large, roundish, color pale green, with dark purple cheek and brown dots. Flesh whitish, reddened at pit, melting, rich, high-flavored, aromatic; quality best; pit free. Grown in Western New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Colorado.


Medium size, roundish oval; color pale green, with deep red cheek and brownish russet dots. Flesh greenish white, with some stain near pit, juicy, rich, high-flavored; pit free. A general favorite in the peach belt west to Colorado and Arizona.


Very large, roundish, sometimes oval; color pale green, with red cheek. Flesh greenish, with red at the pit, melting, juicy, rich, high-flavored; pit free. An old English variety, now popular in New Jersey and the southeast and southern States.


Very large; bright yellow, splashed with crimson. Flesh orange-colored, tender, juicy, high-flavored. Grown in England, from pit of Pineapple Nectarine. Quite widely grown.

Hunt Tawney

Medium in size, ovate with prominent apex; color pale orange, with bright red cheek. Flesh deep orange, melting, very good; pit free. Season, very early in Ohio and the South.

Late Melting

Large, roundish; color yellowish green, with dull red cheek. Flesh greenish white, juicy, good. Season, very late. Grown in New York and well over the South.

Lord Napier

Large, roundish; color pale yellow, with dark red cheek. Flesh white, melting, tender, rich; pit free. A heavy bearer on west coast and quite generally in peach belt. Grown from a pit of the Early Rivers peach in England.

New White (Large White)

Large, nearly round; color white, with shades of red. Flesh white, juicy, tender, with rich vinous flavor; pit small and free. A leading variety in California, and double-starred in Utah and parts of Colorado.

Rivers Orange

Large, roundish ovate; color rich orange, with red cheek. Flesh yellow, rich, highly flavored. A seedling of Pit-maston's Orange nectarine that has taken its place as a hardier tree, better bearer, and richer fruit. Grown in New York and in the peach belt. England.

Roman (Old Roman)

Large, roundish, flattened some at apex; color greenish yellow, with reddish brown cheek. Flesh firm, greenish yellow, with deep red at pit, vinous, high-flavored. A variety popular in Europe since 1629; yet prized in New Jersey and in peach belt generally.


Large, roundish oval, heart-shaped at base; color light greenish white, with rich violet cheek. Flesh white, tender, juicy, rich, sugary, very good; pit free. Originated in England from pits brought from Central Asia. Grown in peach belt from the Altantic to the Pacific.


Large, roundish oval; color yellowish green, with red cheek. Flesh white, melting, rich, sugary; quality nearly best. Season, early. Grown east of the lakes and in the South. England.