A variety originating in Texas. "Not as large as the Bartlett by one-half; pale yellow in color; not as rich in flavor as the latter yet good in quality. It has proven quite valuable with us." (Munson.)

Ananas D'Ete

Medium to large, obtuse pyriform; color yellow, usually blushed; dots small, numerous; stem stout, one and one-quarter inches long, and inserted in shallow cavity beside a lip; basin shallow. Flesh fine-grained, buttery, melting, with subacid perfumed flavor, very good. Season, early autumn. Holland.


Quite large, pyriform, sides unequal; skin quite thick, smooth, yellowish green, with dull red cheek, and scattering dots; stalk one and one-quarter inches long, curved, and inserted in shallow depression and often on the blunt surface. Flesh greenish white, juicy, melting, with rich vinous flavor, good to very good. Season, early September. Massachusetts.

Angouleme, Duchesse D'Angouleme

Very large, oblong obovate, with uneven knobby surface; color greenish yellow, with many streaks and spots of russet; stalk one to two inches long, stout, curved, inserted in deep irregular cavity. Flesh white, buttery, melting, juicy, with very rich flavor, very good; quality varied much by climate and soil. Season, July. France.

Anjou (Beurre D'Anjou)

Large, oblong, turbinate pyriform, regular; color greenish yellow with dull red cheek and clouding of russet; stalk one-half inch long, stout, in shallow uneven cavity; basin shallow, even. Flesh yellowish white, fine-grained, melting; flavor rich and vinous; quality best. Season, late. Popular and doubled-starred in many States across the continent. France.

Pear: Anjou


Medium to large, roundish oblate, pyriform; stalk half to one inch long in shallow cavity; color yellow, mostly covered with russet. Flesh white, juicy, tender, buttery, melting, and aromatic; quality fair to good. Season, early autumn. France.


Very large, obovate, pyriform; color yellow, largely covered with russeting. Flesh sweet, vinous, juicy, perfumed; quality good. Becoming popular as a market pear for culinary use. France.

Autumn Bergamot

Quite large, globular, obtuse pyriform; color yellow with blushed cheek dots numerous, small, russeted; stem medium in quite deep cavity; basin broad and quite deep. Flesh buttery, melting, very good. Tree hardy in central Iowa. Russia.


Medium, obovate obtuse pyriform; color lemon yellow with russet patches and numerous small russet dots; stalk short, quite stout, slightly curved, inserted in large, deep, abrupt irregular cavity marked with russet wrinkles; basin medium, regular, flaring, with shallow corrugations and russeting. Flesh whitish, fine-grained, tender, juicy, very good. Season, early. Kansas.