Large, oblong, obtuse pyriform; color clear yellow with blush usually on sunny side; surface of skin usually uneven; stalk one to one and one-half inches long, inserted in shallow cavity. Flesh white, fine-grained, buttery, juicy, sweet, with rich perfumed flavor, very good. Popular in nearly every fruit district of the Union. England.

Barry (P. Barry). - Medium, elongated, pyriform; color greenish yellow; stalk one inch long, inclined, inserted in abrupt and quite deep cavity; basin narrow, shallow, regular. Flesh whitish, juicy, melting, firm, vinous, and rich; quality better than good. Does well in Michigan but as yet not much propagated. California.

Baudry (Fred Baudry)

Large, oblong pyriform; color yellow with blotches of russet. Flesh yellow, tender, buttery, somewhat gritty at core; quality very good. Season, quite late winter. Quite a popular new variety east of the lakes.

Belle Lucrative

Medium to large, conic obovate, often pyriform; color yellowish green, with some russeting; stalk about one inch long, stout, curved, and obliquely inserted in a small irregular cavity. Flesh juicy, melting, sugary, rich, delicious, very good to best. Double-starred in many States. Flemish.


Medium to large, obovate, pyriform; color yellow, with red cheek as grown in the dry air west of the lakes. Flesh juicy, sweet, tender, buttery; quality good. A very hardy variety doubled starred in several States. Russia.

Besi De La Motte

Medium, roundish turbinate; color yellowish green, thickly covered with brown russety dots; stalk one inch long, inserted in a small, round, shallow cavity; basin shallow, with eye small and open. Flesh white, fine-grained, melting, buttery, very good. This variety has proven much hardier than Flemish Beauty on prairie soils of the West. Europe.




Medium, obovate, nearly turbinate; color yellow, with russet dots, and net-work russeting; stalk oblique, inserted at top of neck without cavity. Flesh yellowish white, buttery, melting, with rich flavor, very good, and in some climates best. Widely disseminated and popular as a home summer variety. Long Island.

Bordeaux (Duchesse De Bordeaux)

Medium, roundish, nearly obtuse pyriform; color yellow, with netting and tracing of russet and russet dots; stalks long, stout, with fleshy enlargement at base; often lipped at point of insertion. Flesh white, quite juicy, sweet, pleasant; quality only good. Season, early winter. France.

Pear: Bloodgood



Large, pyriform, with quite long neck narrowed to a point at stem insertion; color yellow, with patches of russeting; stalk one and one-half inches long, slender, curved. Flesh juicy, buttery, rich, perfumed, very good to best. Widely grown in eastern States. Belgium.


Medium to large, oval, often obovate and slightly pyriform; skin not smooth, yellow, shaded with dull crimson, and netted with russet and russet dots; stalk one inch long, stout, and often oblique. Flesh buttery, melting, juicy, very good. Belgium.


Medium in size; shape quite variable, ranging from oblate pyriform to long pyriform; skin greenish yellow, dotted and netted with russet, usually blushed on sunny side; stalk three quarters to one and one-half inches long, stout, often curved, and inserted at top of neck without cavity. Flesh white, juicy, melting, rather rich, very good. Extensively grown on the quince. Pennsylvania.

Pear: Boussock


Brockworth Park

Large to very large, oblong obovate; color pale yellow, slightly flushed and streaked with crimson on sunny side; stem about one inch long, stout and obliquely inserted. Flesh white, delicate, buttery, melting, juicy, rich, vinous, very good. Does well on dry upland soils in the lake regions. England.


Size medium, oblong, obovate, with one side enlarged; skin yellow when mature, with bright red on sunny side; dots quite numerous; stalk one inch long inserted in narrow, shallow cavity. Flesh white, buttery, quite juicy, sweet, very good. Season, September. Popular in many States for culinary use and market. Rhode Island.

Pear: Buffum