Medium to large, obovate obtuse pyriform; color yellow, with blotches, areas, and spots of russet; stalk short, stout, inclined, with fleshy growth at point of insertion without cavity; basin narrow, shallow, quite abrupt. Flesh creamy white, juicy, fine-grained, buttery, melting, sweet; quality good. Season, autumn and early winter. Does well near the lakes and in the southeastern States. New York.

Pear: Elizabeth, Manning's

Elizabeth, Manning's.

Flemish Beauty

Large, obovate, obtuse, slightly pyriform; skin a little rough, pale yellow, mostly covered with marblings and areas of light russet becoming reddish brown at maturity; stalk one to one and one-half inches long, quite stout, curved, and inserted in very narrow, deep, regular cavity. Flesh yellowish white, a little coarse but juicy, melting, sweet, rich, and highest in flavor, very good. Season, September. Starred across the continent. Belgium.

Fox (B. S. Fox). - Large, russeted with yellow. Flesh finegrained, juicy, vinous; quality said to be about like that of Anjou. Season, October. A new variety, coming into notice in western New York.

Frederick Clapp

Medium to large, roundish, nearly obovate, often irregular; color bright yellow with brown patches; stalk one inch long, stout, inclined, and inserted in small, shallow, irregular cavity. Flesh whitish yellow, juicy, fine-grained, buttery, melting, rich, good to very good. Massachusetts.