Large, nearly round, regular; color golden yellow; dots numerous; stalk short, largest at upper end, inserted in irregular and quite deep cavity. Flesh melting, juicy, vinous, only good in quality. Season, early autumn. Double starred in Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. Nevada.

Japan Russet (Japan Golden Russet)

Medium, flat, apple-shaped; color yellow, overspread with golden russet. The handsome fruit grows in clusters on small round-topped trees with large shining leaves. As a lawn tree in the background it is ornamental and the fruit has value as grown at the West for culinary use. Japan.

Jones (Jones Seedling)

Medium, obovate, pyriform; color yellow shaded with russet and bright crimson in the sun; stem one and one-quarter inches long, inclined, and fleshy at insertion with the flesh without cavity; basin broad, shallow, uneven. Flesh white, quite coarse, granular, buttery, sugary, with vinous flavor; quality fair to good. Season, autumn. A vigorous hardy tree. Pennsylvania.

Josephine D'Malines

Medium, roundish oblate, slightly pyriform; color greenish yellow, russet in patches and varied netting, with numerous brown dots; stalk enlarged at ends, curved, and inserted in shallow small cavity. Flesh pinkish white, juicy, melting, sweet, with rich aroma, very good. Season, winter. Popular in several States. Belgium.

Pear: Howell