Medium, pyriform; color greenish yellow with bright red cheek; dots numerous, small, russet; stalk short, quite stout and fleshy at insertion in medium cavity, with convex slope and russeting; basin medium, regular, flaring, with russet markings. Flesh whitish, with greenish core line, buttery, melting, juicy, sweet, rich, very good. A Vermont variety, doing well in most places where tested.

Pear: Louise Bonne de Jersey

Louise Bonne de Jersey.

Lodge (Smith's Bordonave)

Medium, pyriform, tapering to the stem, with sides unequal; color greenish brown, well covered with patches of russet; stem one and one-quarter inches long, inserted obliquely at the top of the neck, without cavity. Flesh whitish, juicy, melting, rich, with pleasant acid; core gritty; quality very good. Grown mainly in Pennsylvania, where it originated. Season, September.


Medium to large, nearly round, bergamotte-shaped, yellow, with warm blushed cheek. Flesh rather coarse, but juicy, sugary, and excellent in flavor. Season, middle of September. Originated in Dubuque, Iowa. The tree has proven very hardy in Iowa.


Large, pyramidal pyriform, and often obovate; color greenish yellow, and yellow when ripe; skin rough, with some russeting; stalk short, oblique, and inserted at surface without cavity. Flesh juicy, melting, sweet, rich, perfumed, very good. Season, early winter. Grown east of the lakes. Maine.

Madame Millet

Very large, short obovate, or turbinate, and rather uneven in outline; color yellow, nearly covered with light russet; stem short, stout, obliquely inserted with the axis of the fruit, without depression; eye open, set in a wide and quite deep basin. Flesh tender, melting, juicy, richly flavored. Keeps into winter. Often grown as a dwarf. Belgium.

Madame Treyve

Medium, obovate pyriform; color pale yellow, with bright red cheek, some russet, and numerous brown dots; stem slender, inserted in narrow cavity; basin narrow, round, regular. Flesh white, melting, juicy, rich, sweet, very good. Season, September. Quite a favorite on the quince. France.

Madeleine (Magdelen)

Medium to small, obovate, slightly pyriform; color yellowish green, often with brownish shade where exposed; stalk one and one-half inches long, slender, inserted in very narrow small cavity; basin shallow. Flesh juicy, melting, slightly acid, with delicate rich flavor, very good. France.

Marguerite (Petite Marguerite)

Medium, oblate, obtuse, pyriform, with uneven surface; color greenish yellow and pale yellow when mature, with brownish red cheek and numerous greenish dots; stalk long, slightly curved, inserted in a narrow quite deep cavity; basin quite large and somewhat corrugated. Flesh white, half fine, buttery, juicy, melting, sweet, very good to best. A dessert variety, doing well near the lakes and in Ontario, Canada. France.

Marie Louisa

Large, pyriform, with curved axis, body somewhat oblong; color greenish yellow when mature, with some russeting; stalk one and one-half inches long, quite stout, usually oblique, inserted without cavity. Flesh buttery, melting, vinous, quality variable, but usually very good. Belgium.


Quite large, nearly round, but approaching oblate; color yellow, with some russeting; stalk short, quite stout, inserted in small cavity, with one side enlarged; basin shallow and corrugated.

Flesh yellowish, coarse, melting, juicy, quite vinous, but musky in flavor, good to very good. Popular in New England. Massachusetts.

Pear: McLaughlin


Mongolian (Mongolian Snow)

Large, pyriform, inclined to ridging toward the apex; color greenish yellow with blushed cheek, and many russet dots; stalk from one to one and one-half inches long, stout, set in broad shallow cavity, raised on one side, giving the stem a decided inclination: basin quite deep, ridged, corrugated. When ripened indoors the flesh is tender, melting, juicy, good. It is the best in quality of the oriental varieties yet tested. Fruit usually in clusters. Iowa.

Mount Vernon

Medium to large, roundish, obtuse pyriform; color yellowish, netted, and nearly covered with light yellowish russet; stalk short, inclined by raised lip. Flesh yellowish, granular, juicy, melting, quite vinous, quality good. Grown in several States. Massachusetts.

Pear: Mongolian Snow

Mongolian Snow.

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Medium to large, conic pyriform, obtuse, but variable in shape; color yellowish green when mature; stalk one-half to one inch long, inserted in slight cavity, with raised lip on one side. Flesh white, melting, juicy, sweet, refreshing, good. Grown in southeastern States. Belgium.