Paradise (D'Automne)

Large, oblong obovate, and acute pyriform; color yellow, mottled and very often covered with bright cinnamon-colored russet; surface of skin uneven; stalk one and one-half inches long, enlarged at both ends, curved, and inserted at top of neck usually by fleshy folds; basin abrupt with elevations around it. Flesh quite fine, sometimes granular, juicy, melting, rich, vinous, very good. Season, autumn. Grown east of lakes. Belgium.

Pear: Onondaga


Paul Ambre

Medium, roundish, or roundish oval; color greenish yellow, often shaded and mottled with crimson in the sun, and frequently the surface is netted with russet and numerous russet dots; stem medium, set in small cavity; basin shallow, smooth. Flesh whitish, juicy, buttery, melting, sweet, very good. Season, October. Often grown on the quince. Belgium.

Pitmaston (Duchess)

Very large, oblong, obovate, slightly pyriform; color yellow with light russet near the stalk and many russet dots and specks over the whole surface, which is somewhat uneven; stalk short, quite stout, in small uneven cavity. Flesh yellowish, juicy, melting, buttery, sprightly, vinous, very good. Grown under the name of Duchess by several nurserymen. Much like Angouleme but a better tree on varied soils and in varied climates. Europe.

Pear: Paradise d'Automne

Paradise d'Automne.

Pound (Winter Bell)

Large to very large, pyriform; color yellowish green with brown cheek that changes to yellow and red with keeping; dots numerous; stalk two inches long or more, stout, curved, and inserted at top of neck without cavity. Flesh firm, solid, granular. Only used for canning and stewing. When cooked its red flesh is attractive and good. Quite widely grown for market. Europe.


Very large, roundish obovate, quite irregular; color greenish yellow with pale red cheek; russeted at base of stalk, and russet and russet dots over whole surface; stalk short, stout. Flesh yellowish white, rather coarse, juicy, somewhat vinous, good. Season, autumn. Grown east and west of lakes, and south, for culinary use and market. Massachusetts.

President Mas

Large, oblong obovate obtuse pyriform; color greenish yellow with some patches and traces of russet. Flesh yellowish white, fine, juicy, melting, buttery, sweet, very good. Season, early winter. Belgium.