Medium to large, obovate pyriform; color pale yellow with russet streaks and quite numerous gray dots; skin very smooth; stalk one inch long, stout, and inserted in broad well-defined cavity; basin narrow, abrupt, quite deep. Flesh white, with yellowish core, buttery, melting, very juicy, and richly perfumed. Season, autumn. Widely grown east of the lakes and in Colorado and Utah. Belgium.

Vermont Beauty

Medium to large obovate; color yellow, with bright carmine cheek; stem short, stout, erect, inserted into slight cavity raised on one side. Flesh yellow, melting, rich, very good Hardier in tree than Flemish Beauty. Vermont.

Vicar Of Winkfield

Large, long pyriform, somewhat one-sided; though slim it is often five to six inches long; color pale yellow, often with brown cheek and quite numerous small brown dots; stalk one to one and one-half inches long, inserted obliquely without cavity at top of narrow neck; basin broad, but very shallow. Flesh greenish white, quite juicy, sometimes buttery, with sprightly flavor, good. Season, late fall. France.