Medium, conical, somewhat irregular; color bright crimson; flavor subacid. Much like Warfield; stands drouth well at the West. Season of Lovett. Pistillate.

Anna Laurie

Large, roundish; color glossy scarlet, with golden seeds like those of Jersey Queen. Flesh slightly colored; quality nearly best. Season, late. Flowers perfect. A favorite amateur variety in Canada and elsewhere. Ohio.

Arizona (Arizona Everbearing)

Medium to large, conical to broadly conical; color scarlet; calyx large; seeds prominent. Flesh lighter colored at center, firm; quality good. Usually ripens two crops under irrigation. A leading variety in South California, Arizona, and in New Mexico and Southwest Texas. Perfect.


Very large, conical, blunted at apex; color bright red and crimson. Flesh pink, firm, very good. Season, medium to late Is taking the place of Gandy as a market variety. Flowers perfect. Kansas.

Beecher (Henry Ward Beecher)

Large, roundish, uneven, irregular like its parent the Sharpless; color crimson. Flesh firm and flavor excellent. Season, early. Perfect. New Jersey.

Bederwood (Racster)

Medium to large, roundish conical; color light shade of vermilion. Flesh not very firm, sweet, very good. Widely grown in many States. Perfect flowers. Illinois.


Medium to large, conical; color dark crimson. Flesh firm, very good. Flowers perfect. Prized on heavy soils in Massa- chusetts.

Belt (William Belt)

Large, oblong, conical; color dark crimson. Flesh quite firm, rich, high-flavored; quality nearly best. Flowers perfect. Popular in Delaware and Virginia. Does not succeed west of the lakes.


Medium to large, conical, usually regular; color scarlet to crimson. Flesh colored, quite firm, about as acid as Wilson, good. Perfect. A vigorous plant that endures drouth as well as the Lovett.


Medium to large, roundish conical, somewhat uneven; color deep crimson. Flesh firm, mild acid, very good. Perfect. A New England variety, prized for home use and market.


Medium to large, round conical, or long conical, often with a slight neck; color glossy crimson. Flesh light red, quite firm, rich, very good. An old Michigan variety, yet prized in that State, Illinois, and other States. Flowers perfect.


Large, conical; color glossy crimson. Flesh quite firm, good. Under high culture unexcelled in yield East and West. A seedling of Wilson. Pistillate. Illinois.


Large, roundish conical; color crimson. Flesh very firm, sweet; quality very good. A seedling of Bubach that has become commercial east of the lakes and is considerably grown in Iowa. Perfect.


Very large, roundish conic; color bright red. Flesh quite firm and high-flavored. Flowers perfect. Indiana.


Very large, oblate conical; color crimson. Flesh firm, rather acid, good. Flowers perfect. Double-starred for market in several States. Pennsylvania.


Large, roundish; color dark red. Flesh quite firm, high-flavored, best. Growing in popularity on account of size and quality. Flowers perfect.

Bubach No. 5

Large, conical, irregular; color dark red or crimson; quality good. Plant vigorous and thrifty in prairie States and it is popular farther east. Pistillate. Illinois.

Bush Cluster

A variety of the Crescent type, much like it in fruit and plant, but the fruit is larger and firmer. Flesh is sweet and soft, fitting it admirably for home use but not for market. It stands the hot sun of the South and prairie States without injury. Perfect.