Captain Jack

Medium in size, conical, regular; color bright scarlet and later dark red; quality good. Grown in many sections to pollinate other varieties. Perfect.


Large, long, color bright scarlet, often crimson, with yellow seeds. Flesh white, solid; a good shipper. Grown commercially. Pistillate. Virginia.


Medium to large, roundish conical, irregular; color dark scarlet. Flesh not very firm; quality very good. Flowers perfect. Profitable for home use or a near market. Endures heat and drouth remarkably well.


Medium to large, irregular, conical; color light red or scarlet; quality good. Plant vigorous, with good foliage even in dry interior climates. Perfect flowers.


Large, conical, regular; color glossy scarlet; quality very good. An early variety, prized in Ohio and in the southeast States. It also has done well west of the lakes. Perfect.

Cleveland (Mrs. Cleveland). - Large, conical, often cockscombed; color deep red. Flesh firm, rich, very good. Prized in Canada and Texas, and commercial in Illinois. Pistillate. Ohio.


Medium to large, oblate conical; color light crimson; quality very good. Grown in the southern States. Pistillate. Louisiana.


Very large, roundish conical; color bright dark scarlet. Flesh very firm, pinkish white; quality nearly best. Season, second early. Perfect flowers. Does well over the Union nearly. Kansas.


Large to very large, somewhat irregular; color bright glossy red. Flesh firm, very good. Flowers perfect. Widely grown. Ohio.


Medium, conical; color light red or scarlet; seeds prominent. Flesh not very firm; quality good. Blossoms with Bederwood and Dunlap. An old variety, commercial in many States. Pistillate.

Cumberland (Cumberland Triumph)

Large, broadly conical, often irregular; color dark scarlet. Flesh firm; quality good. Flowers perfect. Mostly grown in the South. Pennsylvania.

Strawberry: Clyde