Medium, roundish, irregular; color light red. A seedling of Michel Early, which it resembles, but it is earlier and the fruit is larger. Grown commercially in the South. Perfect flowers.


Large, roundish, truncated; color scarlet on sunny side; quality very good. Popular in the Southeast as a home berry. Pistillate.


Large, conical, regular; color dark crimson Flesh colored; quality very good. Season, very early. Stands drouth wherever tested. New Jersey.


Large, conical; color bright crimson. Flesh firm; quality very good. Widely planted for market. Flowers perfect. Ohio.


Large to very large, roundish oblong; color dark crimson, glossy. Flesh firm, solid; quality good. Flowers pistillate. A seedling of Crescent that has rapidly come into favor. Illinois.


Large, even-sized, roundish conical; color even bright crimson. Flesh firm, sweet, rich, very good. Season, early, but continues longer than usual. Pistillate. A New Hampshire variety, with a good record.


Large, roundish conical; color bright red. Flesh firm, good. Season, medium to late. Flowers pistillate. Hardly commercial as yet. Ohio.


Medium to large, roundish, slightly conical; color bright red. Flesh firm, very good. Becoming popular, as it does well in many sections, and is very early in season. Flowers perfect. Arkansas.