Large, conical, regular; color glossy crimson; quality very good. Firm enough for distant shipment and an excellent canning variety. Flowers perfect. New Jersey.


As grown in Iowa, large, conical; color bright crimson. Flowers perfect. Rather soft for market, but popular for home use and near market. Iowa.


Large, long conical, but often nearly round; color bright scarlet. Flesh light pink, quite firm; quality good. Season, early to medium. Flowers perfect. Michigan.


Medium to large, conical, somewhat irregular; color dark red; quality good. Flowers perfect. A new variety of much promise. New York.


Large, broad conical, irregular; color red; quality not the best. The plants are strong and vigorous and endure drouth well in the prairie States, Fruit not firm enough for distant shipping. Perfect.

Strawberry: Gardner


Strawberry: Glen Mary

Glen Mary.

Glen Mary

Large, to very large, roundish conical, ribbed; color crimson. Flesh pink and white; quality good. Season, medium to late. Fruit stem strong, holding up the large fruit. Flowers perfect. A new variety now widely grown. Pennsylvania.

Great American

Very large, regular, smooth; glossy crimson; grown on high strong stems that favor clean fruit. A New Jersey variety, grown under high culture for the New York market. Flowers perfect.


Large to very large, obtuse conical, approaching heart-shaped. Flesh pink to white, somewhat hollow, very good.

Strawberry: Greenville


Flowers pistillate. Succeeds well East and West and in the South. Ohio.