Hall (Hall's Favorite)

Large, roundish, compressed, irregular; color scarlet. Flesh scarlet; quality good. It is much firmer than Bubach and ships well. Prized in Canada and in the southeast States. Maryland.


Medium, conical, somewhat compressed; color scarlet; quality very good. Pistillate. Starred in nearly all the States. New Jersey.


Large, conical, regular; color bright scarlet. Flesh quite firm; quality very good. Flowers perfect. Prized in New England for its size, quality, and productiveness.

Hilton (Hilton Gem)

Medium, conical, regular; color red and crimson. Flesh firm, juicy, rather rich; quality very good. Flowers perfect. A New Jersey commercial variety, each year extending its field of usefulness.


Medium, conical; color dark crimson; quality good.

Flesh remarkably firm. Grown South almost exclusively. Perfect. South Carolina.

Hood River

Very large, roundish conical; color scarlet. Flesh quite firm, sweet, aromatic, very good. Season, early. Doubly starred in Oregon, on the West coast,, and is doing well in New Jersey. Flowers perfect. Oregon.


Large, conical, regular; color scarlet and red; quality good. A popular variety in North Carolina. Staminate.


Large, roundish; color dark crimson. Flesh very firm; quality very good. A very late variety, later than Gandy or Michigan. A choice variety for canning. Flowers perfect. New Jersey.