Iowa Queen

Medium to large, conical, smooth, regular; color glossy crimson with bright yellow seeds. Flesh firm; quality very good. Quite widely grown as a handsome variety that ships well and sells well. Flowers perfect. Iowa.

Jay Gould

Large, roundish conical; color red and crimson. Flesh firm; quality very good. It is earlier than Crescent, larger and quite as good in quality. Planted commercially in Ohio and New York. Pistillate. Ohio.

Jersey Queen

Large to very large, roundish oblate; color crimson and scarlet. Flesh firm, melting, vinous, very good. Season, quite late. Grown in Ohio and the southeastern States mainly. New Jersey.


Large to very large, long conical; color bright scarlet or red; quality good. Starred in several States, but not west of the Mississippi. Flowers perfect. Wisconsin.


Large, bright red, changing to crimson. Flesh very firm. Very productive. Grown in Ohio. Pistillate. Ohio.


Large, roundish conical, color dark red. Flesh firm, mildly acid, rich, good. An old Kentucky variety, yet prized in Illinois and other States on account of its late ripening. Perfect.


Large, regular. Flesh very firm; color deep red to the center; quality very good. This is a Southern variety that in Mississippi and other States farther south is best in yield, best in quality, and the plant is free from disease. Perfect.