Large, conical, with blunt apex, regular in form; color deep crimson. Flesh quite firm; quality good. A New Jersey variety that has recently gained some notoriety. Pistillate.


Large, roundish conical; color bright scarlet. Flesh pink, firm, yet melting, mildly acid, very good. Starred in several States. Pistillate flowers. New Jersey.


Large, roundish conical, irregular; color dark crimson. Flesh bright scarlet; seeds sunken, firm; quality good. A new Iowa variety of value. Perfect.


Large, roundish conical, compressed; color dark crimson. Flesh dark scarlet, firm, often with slightly open core, good. Perfect. A seedling of Crawford which it equals in value. Ohio.


Large to very large, quite uniform in size, roundish conical; color dark glossy crimson. Flesh colored, firm, rich, very good. Flowers perfect. Mostly grown east of the lakes. Massachusetts.

Mastodon (Late Mastodon)

Very large, roundish conical with blunt axis; color bright crimson, showy. Flesh pink, not very firm; quality good. Much like Bubach, but is preferred to it in many sections. New Jersey.

Strawberry: Mastodon



Large, roundish conical; sometimes cockscombed, but usually regular; color bright crimson. Flesh firm; quality very good. Stands drouth well at the West, where the plant is large, vigorous, and productive. Perfect.

Meeks Early

Medium to small, roundish conical; color dark red or crimson. Flesh colored, subacid, good. Season, early; succeeds best on clay soil. Mostly grown in the South. Perfect. Maryland.

Michel Early

Small to medium, oblate conical; color dull red, appearance somewhat withered. Flesh pink, quite firm, ships well. Season, very early. A favorite on some soils and rejected on others. Arkansas.


Medium to large, conical, irregular; color dark red as grown in Iowa. Flesh firm; quality good. A seedling of Wilson, ten days later in season. Plants large, vigorous, and productive. Flowers perfect. New Jersey.

Miner (Miner's Prolific)

Medium to large, roundish conical, not very regular; color dark crimson. Flesh quite firm; quality very good. Perfect. Popular East, West, and South. New Jersey.


Large to very large, roundish oblate, conical; color bright red; quality good; said to be very productive on clay soils. Perfect. Illinois.

Mount Vernon (Shuckless)

Large, obtuse conical; color light crimson; quality very good. Pistillate. Mainly grown South, but does fairly well west of the lakes. Kentucky.


Large, roundish conical; color bright crimson. Flesh firm, sweet, very good. Grown in New Jersey, and is commercial in the South. Flowers perfect. Of southern origin.