A seedling of Jersey Queen, and much like it in form and color. In New Jersey and the Southeast it is taking the place of its parent on account of added beauty and shipping qualities. Flowers perfect.


Medium, oblate conical; color dark red or scarlet; quality good. Perfect. Grown in the South mainly.


Medium to large, roundish conical; color crimson and red; fruit stems short and drooping. Flesh not very firm; quality very good. A favorite home and near-market variety. Flowers perfect.

Phillips (Phillips, Seedling)

Large, irregular in form; color deep crimson. Flesh red, firm, subacid, good. Of Sharpless type, but is firmer in flesh. Pistillate.


Large, roundish, often conical; color bright red and crimson. Flesh firm; seeds widely separated and not very prominent.

Season of Gandy. A new variety, originated in New Jersey, that seems to be taking the lead as a late variety. New Jersey.


Very large, roundish; color light crimson. On rich soils in Iowa and New York it produces very large crops, but the berry is rather soft for market. For home use and near market very valuable. Pistillate. Minnesota.

Strawberry: Parker Earle

Parker Earle.

Princeton Chief

Medium to large, roundish conical; color bright scarlet; quality good. Pistillate. An Illinois variety, noted for good foliage and heavy crops.