Medium to large, even-sized. Flesh firm; quality good. Commercial in New Jersey mainly on account of its late season of ripening and its extreme productiveness. Pistillate.


Medium to large, roundish conic; color rich scarlet. Flesh red, solid, rich flavored; seeds bright yellow. Grown in Canada and in several States, as yet in a small way, but it is favorably reported. Flowers perfect. Indiana.


Large, bright red. Flesh firm; quality good. A seedling of Crescent, with larger fruit and ripens later. Plant as vigorous as its parent. Perfect. Kansas.

Rough Rider

Large to very large, roundish, slightly elongated, but often flattened and pointed; color dark red. Flesh very firm; quality good. Perfect. Said to be a cross of Eureka and Gandy New York.

Rubicund (Saint Joseph)

Medium; color bright vermilion. Flesh fragrant, sweet, aromatic. A home variety, becoming popular in New England. France.

Ruby (Riehl)

Large, conical, irregular, with blunted apex; color bright crimson. Flesh red, firm; quality best. Said to be a cross between Crescent and Sharpless. Flowers perfect. Becoming popular in localities. Illinois.