Large, roundish or broad conical; color rich crimson. Flesh colored, rich, juicy, firm, very good. Season, quite late. Commercial in several States. Flowers perfect. Massachusetts.


Medium, oblate conical; color dark crimson; quality good. Perfect in flower. Crown east of lakes and South. Illinois.


Large, conical; color glossy crimson. Flesh colored; quality very good. Perfect. Does not endure drouth well, yet it is popular in several States. Canada.


Large, roundish conical; color dark red; quality very good. Flowers pistillate; endures drouth well. Extensively grown in Delaware and the southeastern States. Delaware.


Large to very large, roundish conical, usually irregular; color dark scarlet. Flesh quite firm; quality very good. Perfect. Grown mainly east of the lakes and in the southeastern States. Pennsylvania.

Shuckless (Mount Vernon)

Large, obtuse conical; color light crimson; quality good; the large uniform berries part readily from the calyx in picking. Grown for home use or near fancy market. Does well East and West. Flowers perfect.

Shuster (Shuster's Gem)

Medium to large, globular, regular, uniform; color bright scarlet; quality very good. Flesh somewhat soft, but high in flavor. Grown for home use and near market. Pistillate.


Large, roundish, slightly conical, but irregular; color bright scarlet. Flesh very firm, quite acid, good. A seedling of Wilson that takes its place in many sections. Flowers perfect. Wisconsin.


Medium to large, roundish conical; color dark crimson; quality nearly best. Flowers perfect. Stands drouth well. As yet mainly grown South. Illinois.


Medium to large, roundish conical, usually blunted at apex; color crimson. Flesh pink, quite firm. Season, extra early. A seedling of Warfield; profitable for early market. Flowers perfect. Ohio.


Large, roundish conical, irregular, compressed; color dark crimson. Flesh light scarlet; seeds sunken, firm; flavor vinous, good. Flowers perfect. A very promising new variety.


Large, heart-shaped; color glossy crimson. Flesh quite firm; quality good. A seedling of Bubach, and a better bearer and better berry. Flowers perfect.

Sucker State

Medium to large, conical, regular; color light red to scarlet and crimson. Flesh firm; quality good. Perfect. Commercially grown in South Illinois and Ohio.


Medium to large, roundish, compressed, irregular; color bright scarlet. Flesh firm, sprightly pleasant, good. Perfect. A seedling of Crescent and Sharpless that is grown profitably in many places for home use and market. Massachusetts.

Sweet Cluster

Large, conical; color crimson and red. This is a popular Southern variety of the Crescent type, but it is larger, firmer, and earlier. Stands heat and drouth remarkably well. Flowers perfect.