More dainty and restless than red-deer, fallow-deer do more damage in woods and nurseries by nibbling young growth and trampling it under foot. In deer-parks, where young trees may from time to time be introduced, it is necessary to protect them, whether in clumps or as single specimens, by wrought-iron fencing, or guards, 6 ft. in height, and at that distance from the stems so as to safeguard the leading growths from injury, and this protection be continued until the trees are so advanced in height and strength as not to be in danger of damage by the deer. Deciduous trees, with clear stems of 8 ft. from the ground to the branches, will be sufficiently protected by ordinary flat or round bar wrought-iron tree-guards, "barbed " being most effective, though in some respects objectionable - that of possible damage to the deer coming into contact with the "barbs."