There is no question of this beautiful bird living chiefly upon fish, and of its destructiveness at fish hatcheries; therefore Fish Preservation Societies scruple not to destroy it. This is effected by the Kingfisher Trap (Fig. 117). In setting, screw the trap to a stump in the water where the birds resort, place a piece of wood on the fork for them to alight on,'or bait with a small fish.

Lane's Kingfisher Trap.

Fig. 117. - Lane's Kingfisher Trap.

Small nets of a few yards long made of fine black silk, with a small mesh, are used in some parts of the country for taking kingfishers. These nets are placed across a small water-course, particularly where bushes or trees on the banks so overhang as to form a natural arch, or the arch of a bridge, Fig. 118, in such a manner that, a little "slack" being allowed, the bird is taken to a certainty in attempting to pass. In some districts a considerable income is made by persons skilful in setting glade nets not only for taking kingfishers, but other birds.