The Wheat-ear (Saxicola oenanthe) belongs to the family Erytha-cinae or Robins, and averages about 6 in. in length. Its colour is grey above, the quill feathers of the wings being tipped with black, and a black streak encloses the eye and ear-coverts; the breast is brown and the under-parts white. The female is coloured dark-brown on the wings, ear-coverts and tail. It arrives in this country in March and departs southward in winter. It builds its nest among stones, sometimes in burial places, or in rock-clefts, where, well concealed from prying eyes, the eggs, four to six in number and pale blue, are laid. It feeds chiefly upon ground pests, and the bird is much sought after for table, its flesh being very delicate. It is usually caught in nooses of horsehair concealed under a turf.