African Association, Liverpool.

African Oil Mills, Liverpool.

American Commerce Co., Bride Street, London, E.C.

Atlantic Coast Development Co., 8 Copthall House, London, E.C.

Benabu, Messrs., London, E.C.

Blandy Bros., London, E.C.

Bridge, R., & Co., Castleton, Manchester (Machinery).

British West African Association, 68 Coleman Street, London, E.C.

Brunner, Mond & Co., London.

Cadbury Bros., Bourneville, Birmingham.

Cargo Supervisors, Ltd., Liverpool.

Co-operative Wholesale Society, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester.

Craig & Co., Paisley, Scotland (Machinery).

Eastern Palm Estates, 38 Mark Lane, London, E.C.

Elder, Dempster & Co., 4 St. Mary Axe, London, E.C.

Frame & Co., Mincing Lane, London, E.C.

Fry, Messrs., Bristol.

Hartley & Moore, Ltd., 66 Victoria Street, London, S.W.

Hind & Lund, Preston (Machinery).

Les Huileries du Congo, Brussels-.

Lever Bros., Port-Sunlight.

Lipton, Messrs., London.

Miller Bros., Liverpool.

New Ivory Coast Co., Ltd., 7/8 Great Winchester Street, London, E.C.

Palmine, Ltd., Moorgate Street House, London, E.C.

Rose Downs Thompson, Ltd., London and Hull.

Scott & Sons, Ltd., 72 Oxford Street, London, W.

Tin Areas of Nigeria, Giltspur Street, London, E.C.

Wray, Sanderson & Co., Hull.

Rose, Downs & Thompson, Ltd.,

Old Foundry, Hull.

Chemical Solvent Oil Extraction Plant, For Copra., Palm Kernels, Etc., Etc.

Interior Chemical Extraction Plant

Interior-Chemical Extraction Plant.

Complete Mills, on the very latest principles, for handling any quantity of any oil-bearing seed.

Oil Refineries, Oil Filters, Etc.

Branch Offices: 12 Mark Lane, London, E.C. 20 Foochow Road, Shanghai.

Cables :

"Rose, Hull." "Arroskr, London." "Rosedowns, Shanghai."

Oil Extraction

Oil Extraction

If you are considering the question of oil extraction plant, stop and well consider the matter before installing a pressing plant.

This system is rapidly becoming obsolete in favour of the more up-to-date solvent extraction method, the advantages of which under our patent system are :Higher yield of oil, which is of extremely high quality.

Low working costs.

Safe and simple in operation.

Meal, etc., practically free from oil and therefore ready for immediate use as a fertiliser or feeding meal for cattle. It is in the form of a loose meal, and therefore does not require to be reduced in a cake breaker.

Write for particulars to Scott's, 72 Oxford St., London, W. 1.