In Medium 8vo. Cloth. Pp. i.viii + 133. With many Tables. 7s. 6d. net.

Aids In The Commercial Analysis Of Oils, Fats, And Their Commercial Products A Laboratory Handbook By George Fenwick Pickering, Formerly Research Assistant to the Late Dr. Lewkowitsch.

Contents.-Sampling and Preparation for Analysis.-Physical Properties.-Chemical Examination.-Fatty Oils.-Miscible Castor, Boiled Oils, Blown Oils, etc.-Chemical Examination : Sulphonated Oils, Neutral Fats, Foots, etc.-Fat Splitting and Distillation Products.-Glycerine.-Resins.-Recovered Products and their Distillation Products.-Oils, Fats, and Waxes of the British Pharmacopoeia.-Index.

"The volume is unique, and should be in the library of everyone having to do with the analysis of oils and fats."-Journal of Industrial Engineering and Chemistry.

Second Edition. In Large 8vo. Cloth. With 800 pages and 154 Illustrations. 30s. net.

Oils, Fats, Butters, And Waxes, Their Preparation And Properties, And The Manufacture Therefrom Of Candles, Soaps. And Other Products By C. R. Alder Wright, D.Sc, F.R.S.

Thoroughly Revised, Enlarged and in Part Rewritten By C. Ains Worth Mitchell, B. A, F.I. C, F. C. S.

Abridged Contents.-General Composition and Nature of Oils, Butters, Fats, and Waxes.-Physical Properties of Oils, Fats, Waxes, etc.-Chemical Properties.-Processes for Extracting, Rendering, Refining, and Bleaching.-Classification and Uses of Fixed Oils, Fats, Waxes, etc.-Adulteration.-The Candle Industry.-The Soap Iudustry.- Index.

" Will be found absolutely indispensable."-The Analyst.

In Three Volumes. Crown 8vo. With Diagrams. Each Complete in itself and sold separately.

A Manual Of Oils, Resins, And Paints, For Students And Practical Men By Harry Ingle, D.Sc, Ph.D., F. I. C. Vol. I.-Analysis And Valuation. Price 4s. Net. By Harry Ingle, D Sc, And J. A. L. Sutcliffe, A.I.C.

Contents of Vol. I.-Introduction.-Introduction to the Chemistry of the Oils, Gums, etc.-Physical Tests.-Chemical Tests.-Qualitative Tests for Oils.-The Classification of Oils.-The Systematic Examination of Oils, Fats, and Waxes.- Technological Analysis.-Tables of Oil Constants.-Index.

"A model of brevity, . . . written with due care . . . very valuable."-Decorator.

Second Edition. In Large Crown 8vo. Cloth. Pp. i-ix + 250. 5s. net. Elementary Agricultural Chemistry.

A Handbook for Junior Agricultural Students and Farmers By Herbert Ingle, B.Sc, F.I.C., F.C.S., Fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa, of the Institute of Chemistry, and of the Chemical Society.

Contents.-Introduction.-The Atmosphere.-The Soil.-Natural Waters.-The Plant.-Manures.-Crops.-The Animal Body.-Foods and Feeding of Animals.- The Dairy.-Miscellaneous.-Appendix.-Index.

The Above Work Has Been Adopted By The Egyptian Government "As an agricultural chemist Mr. Ingle excels."-Farming World.

" Highly useful and up-to-date . . . covering practically the whole field of agricultural chemistry."-Farmer's Gazette" The teacher will have much cause to be grateful to Mr. Ingle."-Nature.

London: 12 Exeter Street, Strand, W.C. 2.

Coconuts, Kernels, etc.- Capt. H. O. Newland.

Collecting; Coconuts in Costa Rica

Collecting; Coconuts in Costa Rica.

[Copyright-F. W. Gammage.]

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